Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Line em up

A few years ago I aquired 2 nightstands from a dorm that was being remodeled. Each had 4 drawers and have held many things in my various small apartments

moving 9 times in 8 years?! pull yourself together woman! find a man, settle down.... I digress

I painted the outsides a rich chocolate brown, added legs and called it a day. Now that I repurposed my dresser somewhere else due to the size of my bedroom, those drawers suddenly became much more full than the average where-did-this-random-balloon-and-mini-saw-horse-come-from? collection I had been stashing for years. The drawers had been lined with a b-e-a-utiful blue mottled contact paper from the 90s (and smelled like the 90s) so I knew something needed to be done so my sweaters didn't come out smelling like 1998.

what did 1998 smell like? sharpies, magazine pages of Leonardo DiCaprio, and the most obnoxious I-am-13-of-course-I-know-everything-in-the-entire-world mindset. That my friends is a stink no one wants to smell. And a musty, these-drawers-have-been-used-in-a-dorm-for-20-years smell. Both equally unpleasant

I ripped out the contact paper and was left with bare wood. Unfortunately the smell did not go out with the paper. I wiped them down with a vinegar and water solution and cleared that right up.  It was nice, but in my true jazz-it-up style, I wanted to line the drawers with fabric. I happen to have a giant stash of eco-friendly, indoor/outdoor fabric that would hold up nicely (thank you Ambiante!) I selected 8 fabrics and went to town with my spray adhessive.

The following pics are the results!

I love the way they all coordinate together, and they are definitely more exciting to open than the hideous blue contact paper. My sweaters and jeans are happy!

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